Owner & Baker

Takia Brown

With a passion for baking that began at the tender age of 9, I have dedicated my life to creating delectable delights that bring joy to every occasion. As the oldest of my mother's three girls, I embraced the nurturing role early on, guided by the loving teachings of my aunt Cynthia "Cookie" Brown.

Cooking became not just a skill but a source of happiness for me. I vividly remember baking cakes for our family gatherings, infusing each creation with love and care. Sadly, my aunt, the one who sparked my culinary journey, was taken from us before witnessing the birth of my business.

In 2019, I officially launched iHeart Cookie's Cakes, a tribute to my beloved Aunt Cookie. Everything I do is a reflection of her philosophy: kindness and respect for every individual, regardless of their life stage. I believe that every customer, whether spending $30 or $300, deserves the same level of respect and exceptional service.

My business is not just about cakes; it's about spreading joy, creating memories, and honoring the legacy of someone who taught me that being a decent human being is life's most important lesson. I welcome you to join me on this sweet journey, where every cake tells a story and every bite is filled with warmth and love.

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